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Long-term credits for joint development and reconstruction

Export financing

FAVEA ensures all activities involved in obtaining long-term and supported export credits for joint development and reconstruction of pharmaceutical plants projects. These services for our Customers are free of charge.

Our company has a rich practical experience in organizing such type of project financial support. In this area we are have established relations with the most reliable banks in the Czech Republic, which are belonging to the largest European financial groups.

Funding is provided directly to the Customer under the Export contract signed with FAVEA.

Export funding is provided in accordance with a state export support program of the Czech government and OECD Consensus


Basic conditions for obtaining supported credits from the Czech Republic:

  • The minimum value of the Export contract: 3,000,000 €
  • The maximum value of the Export contract: 150,000,000 €
  • Credit amount: up to 85% of the Export contract value between the Customer and FAVEA
  • Credit disbursement: up to 2 years. Repayment term – 5 (or 10) years; settlement will be made by the equal semiannual or quarterly tranches
  • The delay of the first installment: 6 months after the production creation is complete
  • Interest rate: fixed rate CIRR* or floating rate EURIBOR** or LIBOR*** + Bank margin
  • The project complies with the requirements of environmental protection
  • The share of Czech goods/services in the Export contract value is at least 50%
  • Insurance conditions: loan has to be insured in the Czech state owned insurance company EGAP

Time required for the loan documentation processing (EGAP + Bank): 3 to 6 months.

* Current CIRR rates could be found on the official OECD website -

** Current EURIBOR rates -

*** Current LIBOR rates -