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FAVEA completed the new gel manufacturing facility for NIZHPHARM

On one of the leading pharmaceutical companies NIZHPHARM, Russian Federation, Nizhny Novgorod, FAVEA completed construction of a new gel manufacturing facility.


Investment in the project on the organization of facilities for the production of alcohol-based gels with in 2010-2012 amounted to 206 million rubles. The new technology center is designed and made in accordance with the requirements of modern GMP EC, which guarantees high quality products and ensure the effectiveness of manufacturing processes. For the Russian pharmaceutical industry this project is unique and implemented by an international engineering company FAVEA.

The introduction of a framework for soft gel dosage forms - one of the most promising directions of development of manufacture of soft shapes. Compared with ointments gels are close to human skin the pH, do not clog the pores of the skin is evenly distributed and ensure delivery of the active substance in the deeper layers of tissue.

Construction and commissioning of a new explosion-proof area will allow the company to create a safe environment Valium manufacture alcohol products and increase production capacity by 33%, if necessary volume of alcohol gel can be increased by 5 times. At the new site NIZHPHARM is beginning to make a 1% gel - Diklovit ®, a gel application of 1000 IU / g - Trombless ® and a 5% gel - Hondroksid ®.