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1994 - foundation of FAVEA by a group of Czech pharmacists and technologists.

1997 – the beginning of active engineering practice in Russia. Design for global plant reconstruction, consulting and procurement services, validation, training for "Nizhpharm", Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. In the same year FAVEA builds a warehouse of medicinal raw materials and finished dosage forms for "Ferein", Moscow, Russia.

1998 - after four years of experimentation with micronization technologies FAVEA achieves particle reduction up to 100 times to provide enhanced bioavailability of compounds. In the same year FAVEA supplies and builds clean rooms for insulin filling line at "Ferein", Moscow, Russia.

1999 – FAVEA builds in Nizhny Novgorod (Russia) for JSC "Nizhpharm" on turnkey basis a line for manufacturing cream "Efkamon", production of non-sterile ointments, site preparation of pharmaceutical raw materials and chilled water.

2000 – FAVEA succeeds in implementing a method of frugal tablet compacting and monitoring of tablet maturing SOFT TABLETTING, which is suitable for industrial processing of micronisates with biologically active proteins. FAVEA designs for the production of tablets and capsules for the company "Medisorb", Perm, Russia and builds of the production of sterile ointments and suppositories for JSC "Nizhfarm."

2001 – for the project of enhancing the biological availability of polyphenols, FAVEA, in co-operation with several academic bodies, was awarded a prize for Innovation 2001. In Ufa, FAVEA builds on turnkey basis manufacturing facilities for injectables in vials for "Pharmstandard-Ufavita", Russia. FAVEA designs and builds production plant for cephalosporin antibiotics and aseptic production of injectable drugs for "Pharmaceutical company Darnitsa", Kiev, Ukraine, including validation and training.

2002 – as a result of monitoring of global trends and customers´ requirements FAVEA launches the production of submicron dispersions in liquid form and their preservative-free conservation. In the same year FEVEA supplies and builds clean rooms for ZAO "NPZ BCHFZ", Kiev, Ukraine.

2003 – following accession of the Czech Republic to the European Union, FAVEA starts cooperation with a German company Sabine Maurer and launches production of nanoparticles and thus made a move from the world of microcosm into the realm of quantum. FAVEA supplies and builds water plant for manufacturing purified water and water for injections for antibiotics manufacturing in Kiev by ZAO "NPZ BCHFZ", Kiev, Ukraine. In the same year FAVEA desings and builds facilities for solid dosage forms at ZAO "NPZ BCHFZ", Kiev, Ukraine.

2004 – implementation of pellets-granulation production and development of prolonged forms with controlled release. FAVEA designs production of substances, extracts, syrups, injectable solutions, suppositories, ointments, capsules for LLC "NPK Ekofarm", Kiev, Ukraine. In the same year, FAVEA supplies, installs and performs commissioning of water treatment plant for the JSC "Kyivmedpreparat", Kiev, Ukraine.

2005 – FAVEA designs prolonged forms with gradual release. FAVEA supplies and installs equipment for tablet manufacturing at JSC "Pharmstandard-Leksredstva", Kursk, Russia.

2006 - findings from immunology and availability of local raw materials (milk and colostrum) inspired us to solve separation of biologically active proteins, their spray drying or lyophilisation and application in pharmaceuticals – in a form of tablets, by means of Soft tabletting method. FEVEA makes conceptual project for Tetrahydroindol manufacturing for ZAO "UAB PN Waldis", Klaipeda, Lithuania.

2007 - next step in projects dealing with gradual release involved initiation of production of two-layer tablets, which enable combining fast onset of the effect of the first component with slow release of the other component. We prefer coating most tablets for the reason of an easy application, enhancement of appearance or their stability prolongation. We succeeded in implementing both the original formulation ( and the top equipment “selflearning“. This is the first contribution of the company FAVEA to the global trend in improving quality of products initiated by FDA in 2007 (Process Analytical Technology – Quality by Design). In the same year FAVEA implements a number of big projects: turnkey solid dosage forms manufacturing for OAO "Tatchimpharmpreparaty", Kazan, Russia, infusing solutions and aseptic manufacturing of hormone injectables for Pharmstandard-UfaVITA, Russian Federation, Ufa , clean rooms and pachaging for ZAO "Sotex", Moscow region.

Pharmstandard-Tomskhimpharm2008 – FAVEA launches experimental program for implementing PAT technologies in process equipment for production of solid pharmaceutical forms by means of near infrared spectroscopy (NIR) made by Nicolet and Yokogawa. This system allows for better understanding of the latest level of applied processes and guarantees top-quality offered by our company. FAVEA designs and builds facilities for manufacturing Imudon, Arbidol and Amixin for Pharmstandard-UfaVITA, Russian Federation, Ufa.

2009 год - FAVEA makes a series of conceptual projects: the production of finished dosage forms and pharmaceutical ingredients for the Company "Feron-Lobnya", Moscow region, Russia, the production of veterinary drugs for the Company "Brovafarma", Kiev region., Ukraine, the production of pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic substances from vegetable raw material and production of finished medicines for LLC "Solagift", Tomsk, Russia. Conceptual design of plant for production of drugs in solid form for JSC "Organica", Novokuznetsk, Russia. This year FAVEA receives professional pharmaceutical industry award "Platinum Ounce" in the special category "For the successful implementation of projects on modernization of pharmaceutical production in the Russian Federation in accordance with GMP standards".

award Platinum Ounce

2010 – FAVEA begins to build it's own biotechnological center in Koprivnice, Czech Republic. In the same year FEVEA desings aseptic manufacturing of injectables for Pharmstandard-UfaVITA, Russian Federation, Ufa.

2011 – FAVEA arranges for export financing from LBBW bank (Czech Republic) for JSC "Organica", Novokuznetsk, Russia, to finance complete renovation of solid forms manufacturing in Novokuznetsk.