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New injection drugs production was launch at “Karaganda Pharmaceutical Complex”

Press office of Karaganda Pharmaceutical Complex LLP (Kazakhstan) has announced launch of lyophilized and liquid injection drugs workshop.

International engineering company FAVEA has worked out design documents, supplied equipment, engineering systems and cleanrooms, and performed installation and commissioning works.

In the first half of 2014 joint working group consisting of FAVEA designers, quality experts and manufacturing engineers and Karaganda Pharmaceutical Complex employees worked out design documentation for new production facility. Government expert review has proved conformity of all design and engineering solution with GMP standards and Kazakhstan Republic national standards and regulations. Technical Assignment for new production facility supposed high degree of automation of all manufacturing processes, continuous control and backup of operating parameters of engineering systems, monitoring of cleanrooms conditions and quality of air. Following examination of several options, the design group has decided to create automation and control system basing on Siemens hardware and software which showed great results on objects previously created by FAVEA Company.

The following works were performed in the second half of 2014 and during the whole 2015: general construction works on the object, process equipment, engineering systems and cleanrooms supply and erection and installation and commissioning of the whole pharmaceutical complex.

The new workshop is unique and the only one in Kazakhstan in terms of technological concepts implemented at injection drug production facility and in terms of quality of equipment installed. Equipment of such leading European companies as BOSCH, GEA and Optima was purchased to manufacture medical products.

Following reaching of projected capacity the new workshop will be capable to manufacture about 2.4 million of antiproliferative, antitumor, immunomodulating and antiviral drugs in vials, pre-filled syringes and in cartridges.

Summarizing commissioning of new workshop Mr. Sergey Baron, the Director of Karaganda Pharmaceutical Complex LLP, has said the following: „Our project is unique not only in Kazakhstan. Only a few pharmaceutical companies in CIS have such degree of equipment status and breakthrough technologies. We started the project almost from the green field and main implementation difficulty was lack of qualified personnel. Thanks to all-round support of our strategic partner „Pharmstandard“ and our project participating partners FAVEA, GEA, Optima, BOSCH and others we rapidly trained the team of specialists with deep knowledge of equipment and processes and capable to settle assigned tasks. Upon construction and installation we faced a lot of difficulties but neat activity management and high competence of joint team consisting of our and FAVEA employees helped to meet deadlines of project launch.”

“Project aimed at renovation of an area of lyophilized and liquid injection drugs workshop in accordance with GMP requirements at the premises of existing dispensing and lyophilization shop of Karaganda Pharmaceutical Complex LLP is a part of long-term strategy of FAVEA in Kazakhstan. Launching of such production is not only an indicator of development and rehabilitation of the Republic’s economy but will also enable provision of people with high-quality drugs sold at moderate prices. Unique project management system implemented by FAVEA Holding and applied to complex process solutions allowed compliance with project deadlines set forth in the Contract. Team of Karaganda Pharmaceutical Complex LLP leaded by the Director Mr. Sergey Leonidovich Baron rendered great assistance during all stages of project implementation and immediately reacted on all technical queries during performance of works“noted Mr. Christos Tsanaklis, the Technical Director of FAVEA Group.