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FAVEA will work out design documentation for Nacimbio

National Immunobiological Company that is a part of Russian Technologies State Corporation starts creation of new pharmacopoeial center. The Center will be located in Moscow at the premises of Research and Development Institute of Biosynthesis of Proteic Substance (a part of Nacimbio“) and will settle the problem of dependence of native manufacturers of medical products on foreign standard samples.

FAVEA, Natsimbio - Contract Signing

Leading European engineering company FAVEA will work out design estimate for the Company. Design and survey will be completed in the second quarter of 2017.

It is supposed that the Center created by „Nacimbio“ will produce reference samples of pharmaceutical substances, admixtures and biological molecules and organisms necessary to control quality of medical products.

„It is impossible to talk about import substitution in pharmaceutics without creation of pharmacopoeial standard samples localized in the country of origin. We can localize release of any preparation but no one will need it without comparison with a reference sample and quality control – highlighted Mariam Khubieva, General Director of „Nacimbio“ – Out project will settle the problem of dependence of Russian manufacturers of medical products on foreign pharmacopoeial standard samples. After manufacturing capacity of the Center will be achieved, expenses for purchase of samples will be decreases and terms of delivery to native manufacturers and to system of Federal Surveillance for medical products circulation will be shortened“.

FAVEA, Natsimbio - Handshake

Except removal of import dependence in this field, Research Pharmacopoeial Center will allow strengthening of quality control of all products supplied by Nacimbio and will carry research and methodological support of Holding companies.

„Today Russia has no production facilities similar to future Research Pharmacopoeial Center „Nacimbio“. We are happy to participate in this very important project for pharmaceutical market development“ – said David Mishka, General Director of FAVEA Group – Key priority for FAVEA is high quality and strive for long-term cooperation with customers. We hope that the Contract signed today will launch fruitful partnership work“.