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FAVEA was awarded the Platinum Ounce 2009

The tenth anniversary of professional award in Russian pharmaceutical industry "Platinum Ounce 2009" was held on 22nd of April in Moscow. This prize is awarded on the basis of open completion and shows the best companies and the best trends in the pharmaceutical market of Russian Federation.

Traditional nominations of "Platinum Ounce" are "Project of the Year", "Medicine of the Year", "Company of the Year", "Person of the Year", "Employer of the Year" and many others. Moreover, the special commemorative prizes "Person of the decade", "Medicine of the decade", and "Company of the decade" were awarded this year. It should be noted that the winners are decides not only by the advisory council of professionals who evaluates nominees according to the strict criteria, but also by the results of internet voting.

This year "Platinum Ounce" award in the special category of the organizing committee for the "Successful implementation of projects on modernization of pharmaceutical production in Russian Federation in accordance with the standards GMP" received company FAVEA. This significant prize was given for more than ten-year history of many successful projects on construction and reconstruction of pharmaceutical production in accordance with modern standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP).

For FAVEA this "Platinum Ounce" award means recognition of the work and contribution to the development of the Russian pharmaceutical industry. The general director of FAVEA Engineering Rus, Vladislav Kleandrov said: "I am in particularly pleased to receive this prestigious award from the hands of Igor Krylov, CEO of OAO "Pharmstandard", one of our key customers".